Old school Dynaco MKIIIs with a twist

September 07, 2014 2 min read

Repost from Audiokarma but showing how I spent my summer. The long and short of it is… Big old school Dynaco Power paired with classic Klipsch sound with a twist. (Big thanks to Dave for the idea).

In my guest room Im using a switch I made… Ill be able to alternate between an ampandsound new mono block Im in process of working out and amp and some old school Dynaco power.

The Dynaco MKIII story: Although I love SE amps, I have a special place in my heart for Dynaco products and love the no nonsense grunt of the MKIIIs. I’ve built 3 MKIIIs before and wanted to duplicate or improve on. The same basic formula from last time was used… DIYtube driver PCB, Tubes for Pro power supply, and Triode electronics Iron, Triode electronics chassis. The Triode chassis is an odd duck, modern binding posts, IEC, but small 60s style tube sockets. Dynakitparts had NOS clinch style (Molded in place). I would have loved to use Belton sockets but they would not fit. oldsound got me some NOS Pamona binding posts… I tried 3 sets from different venders without a good fit. The Pamona’s only accept banana style but man are they great fit. I’ve used wimma caps before and loved the results, so I went with Wimma 5% coupling caps. All the resistors are on the underside for a cleaner look.

Bench results: Input 1.7V P-P for full power out. Max power at 1 kHz 60 Watts RMS. Full power Bandwidth before distortion is 20 to 20 kHz at 36 Watts RMS.






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