New kind of Cornscala – Crites (Faital) 2way with ALK AP12-500

August 20, 2015 1 min read

I was asked by a customer for a 2way and then he decided to go another route. I can never seem to leave surplus parts alone and went to trying out the new horns. Motor baords are from Bob Crites, Crossovers are ALK. I ran some numbers with Bassbox pro, and decided I could safely shrink the cab and so it go a haircut of ~1.5″. Ryan Moses built the cabs and did the bracing for the back panel. In hind sight we should have sealed the back panel. We installed thread certs which seems to have added some regidity.

Voicing was done wiht pink noise and then checked with a scratch paper. Kappa 15C 4ohm ~98db (Bhaves more like 96db when measured.), HF140 8ohm ~109db. I set the crossover at -12db and sound really good. (Im decidedly in the 2way camp). The cornwall box definitly benifits from additional bracing. My wife likes the smaller cab though she says any cornwall is too big.

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