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April 29, 2014 1 min read


Big Ben Review By 2Bmusic:
It has taken me awhile to post this. Lots of personal issues that had to be resolved. At any rate, I just wanted to say thank you to Justin Weber for the advise, and helping me to get my system set up, running and sounding great. There are many wonderful vendors here. Justin is certainly one of them. After much reading and question asking, I decided on SET Big Ben to power my LaScalas. BB is incredible and the sound is everything I have been waiting for some 3 score or more.

Justin flat out knows what works and how to put it all together. I am MAC to DAC to SET amp and then Lascalas circa 1999. I am going to build the Jon Risch’s cross connect co ax speaker cables next.

I will be replacing the stock cross over with Al’s. Later I will replace the Mid-Range Sqwaker with Fast Lane Audio wood Tractrix horn.

I truly like the LaScalas and the the Big Ben accurate luscious sound.

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